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We have properties we own and lease, properties we manage and then we have a full service brokerage serving the entire state of Texas.  We focus on helping people lease, saving money on their leases when possible so they can use us to buy.  We believe in Clients for life so we'll happily help you find something at college, find you something on your first job, help you get your first house, your dream home and finally when you're ready to downsize, we'll celebrate a life well-lived.  We're Texans.  We believe in the Texas way which values freedom over security and individual liberty over corporate and governmental expansion.  We believe in America, the American way, capitalism and free enterprise.  We are for the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and family.  We except all people and their beliefs and only want to help make each life a little better by finding a better place to live at an affordable cost.
In other words... we're for you, not against you.
That's the true American Spirit.

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